The dignity of the artist is in his duty
to keep the sense of wonder in the world alive.
(Gilbert K. Chesterton)



In the process from designing to the final artwork the artist faces a complex conceptual-practical procedure in collaboration with the staff of the atelier, where the different artistic expressions coexist and often complement one another.


Thanks to the glass and the chosen processing techniques, artistic glass windows are one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable works and thanks to this uniqueness, together with artistry and quality, their great value is revealed. These artworks are the result of the confidence in the artist who solves a problem, fits a requirement, realises a desire thanks to his experience and competence.


The composition obtained by using fragments of materials of different nature and colour has ancient origins but it still remains virtually unchanged: skill and patience are the basis to create a unique artwork where small "imperfections" are the tangible sign of a "perfect" handicraft which is distinguished by mechanical means.


Regardless of the medium on which it is carried out painting is an art that deals with complex issues such as colour yield, changes in tone, the study of light and shadow, the illusion of natural spaces, the technical richness. Though it is a form of free expression from the limitations of matter and becomes a work of art that no compromise can faithfully transmit an idea, a message, a feeling.


Through the rituals and tradition of the lost wax technique that requires a long process, the bronze works are the result of the study and pursuit of perfection.
The bronze takes on a symbolic value as it seems to embody a more human and warm quality compared to other metals, or at least you have the impression that through it an eternal artwork emerges in all its beauty.


Stone, a strong and solid material, after processing looks like a plastic element, molded according to the artist's will. The experience and the art allow what is not a transformation but a liberation: the three-dimensional vision, projected into the stone block, slowly come to life, skillfully removing what is unrelated with it.


Fire and hammer shape the iron thanks to the experience of the artisan blacksmith. It’s this figure which insures that the work is not the result of just a mere mechanical transformation, but of a soul that is flowing into the work itself. This millennial technique that is likely to disappear today, is preserved inside the atelier where traditional furnace and the craftsmanship are given space and identity.


The artistic sense and experience in working iron, steel or wood, allow us to transform a structure into an artwork with its own identity, in dialogue with the stained glass window which it supports.


Restoration is an art that goes beyond the technical reconstruction operations, we must fully understand the value of the work in order not to break the link with history.
The operational capacity of the studio extends to the restoration of stained glass windows, paintings and paintings, the wooden and architectural restoration following every phase from design to site building and commissioning; a remarkable added value that the company confirmed when obtaining the certification S.O.A. in the categories OS2, OG2, OS6.