• The "new" Renaissance
    art workshop
    From artistic glass windows to bronze sculpture,
    from frescoes to inlay mosaics,
visiting the atelier is a journey to discovering the highest Made in Italy
the tradition renewed by creativity,
the passion and love for art.
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More than 50 years of creativity

Creativity and manual skill of more than 60 designers, technicians and artisans are the heart of Progetto Arte Poli, an art workshop where the tradition of ancient techniques still live renewed by the design of the contemporary art.
The studio was founded by the artist Albano Poli in 1953, firstly just as a place to produce glass windows and later added mosaics, frescoes...
Nowadays we are a well-known company at international level in the art, design and architecture sectors where our masterpieces distinguish themselves for uniqueness, beauty and for their strong artisan feature.

It has been of great importance as well the activity of designing and making lamps carried out by Albano Poli in the 60s and 70s. Lamps made by hand combining glass, which is transparent and fragile, and materials such as iron, aluminium and even cast iron, creating then objects able to catch and spread light in different ways. Nowadays these lamps, known with the brand POLI ARTE, are sought-after collector’s items.



Made in Italy

The continuous research of the artist and his staff of the way to better express their creativity has led to include the production of mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, wrought iron art works and other artistic works, complementing the glass process. Progetto Arte Poli can then be defined as a workshop inspired by the ancient tradition of the Italian Renaissance where the artist skillfully moves between the different expressions of art, designing and creating works that retain, in all its details, the preciousness and precision of ancient techniques, bringing with him the breath of an invention that is characterized by typical contemporary methods of modern abstraction.



Albano Poli founded Progetto Arte Poli after finishing the Art School in Verona. He started making stained glass windows in a small workshop inside a prestigious historical palace in downtown Verona. The business developed quickly thanks to his talent and he integrated the production of stained glass windows with mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, wrought iron works and other materials that are part of the Italian art tradition.
Passion, experience, traditional techniques, high quality materials: this is what characterizes all artworks made in the workshop and generally speaking, this is our Italian heritage.